Emotive Speech Brought to Life

We provide sector-specific voice solutions to create audiobooks and voiceovers through ground-breaking technology. We produce and co-publish audiobooks using artificial intelligence that synthesizes the human voice to replicate emotions and intonations.

Our technology reduces the cost of production and speeds up the process significantly.

We partner with publishers, media outlets, gaming companies and advertising agencies to provide high-quality voice solutions. We collaborate with narrators and voiceover artists to ensure they are being fairly compensated for their work.
The Reluctant Cannibalsby Ian Flitcroft narrated by William
The Metamorphosisby Franz Kafka narrated by Lauren
She Chose Meby Tracy Emerson narrated by Alice




With DeepZen there is flexibility and speed. By our technology audiobooks can be produced with the same humanlike quality without the need of going through any lengthy recording and editing process. Our state-of-the-art system gives us the ability to produce any book with a suitable voice in our library in a time frame that is unmatched by traditional production methodologies. We partner with leading publishers, authors and voice actors to bring the books that are not available previously into audio format.


Content Reader

Create audio versions of your online and digital content in real-time without the need to invest in voice actors and costly studio time.


E-Learning & Literacy

Superior text-to-speech tools for those with learning and reading disabilities. DeepZen’s technology can be easily used to add voice features to literacy apps, eLearning platforms and digital learning tools.

Voiceover for Video

We can create human-like voiceovers for educational or presentational videos.





We integrate our system with Unreal engine and Unity to provide a unique solution to video game developers.



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