A 300 – 350 page print book converts into a 10 hour of audiobook which requires 8 weeks of recording and editing and it costs around $5k to produce. Multi speaker or celebrity narrated audiobook productions can cost in excess of $50k.

We can produce multiple versions of an audiobook using our AI system in hours in a cost effective way. More accents, more languages, more availability in every way.

We work with top voice actors and our business model is a win-win for us and the voice actors that we share our profits with the talent in the industry.

Contact us if you would like to become part of our voice library and start making money even if you are not physically working through our royalty program.

Are you an author, a literary agent or a publisher having difficulty getting audiobook version of your books due to volume or time constraints ?

Contact us and you can use our services and take the benefit of our state of the art technology and growth story.


We provide voiceovers for videos, radio ads with very quick turnaround times and in a cost efficient way. Are you a media house or a ad agency professional looking to get the benefits of AI systems?
Contact us and we can give you and overview of our system and options designed for you.

Video Games

We are expanding our system to support Video game developers in very near future. We integrate our system with Unreal engine and Unity to provide a unique solution to video game developers.