AI Voice Solutions – Bringing Text to Life

DeepZen turns your text into audio content that’s rich with the emotion, intonation and rhythm of the natural voice.

But in a fraction of the time it takes to create traditional narration.

And without the need for costly recording studios.

We produce digital voice solutions for audiobooks, advertising, marketing, brand voices and other types of voice content, including podcasting, gaming and virtual assistants.

DeepZen. You’d never know it’s digital.

The Emotional Range of our AI

The human voice displays a diversity of emotions and our AI voices can do the same

Transforming audio content

Our groundbreaking technology is transforming the production of audio content for publishers, agencies, production companies and content creators. It’s also making the power of audio available to new audiences.

Using the licensed voice replicas of skilled narrators and actors, the platform adds rhythm, stress and intonation to written text. Then our experienced audio editors control the full emotional spectrum in the voice output – creating a final product that is virtually indistinguishable from traditional narration.

Our technology is transforming the way industries such as publishing, marketing, education, healthcare, services, accessibility and gaming turn text into speech.


The DeepZen difference


Voices cloned from professional narrator and VO artists deliver life like diction and the full spectrum of human emotion


Faster time to market, with less complex production processes and no dependency on physical location

Cost Efficiency

Reduced costs with no limitation on production capability


Who is DeepZen for?


Bring your audiobooks to market much more quickly.
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Bring your work to life with our constantly expanding library of narrator voices.
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Create bespoke audio content for your clients without the need for expensive studio production. Read more…


Bring you brand’s tone of voice to life with easy-to-produce audio content. Read more

Production companies

Produce lifelike audio output from text using ground-breaking NLP technology. Read more


Get ahead of the competition with quick and cost-effective lifelike digital audio. Read more


Make your voice work harder for you.
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Clone voice actors and create additional dialogue in minutes.
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Bring your educational content to life with multi-sensory learning experiences.
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Who are we working with

At Oracle Open World Europe in February 2020, an annual convention bringing together global innovators, partners and start-ups, several members of the Oracle for Start-Ups programme were given the opportunity to pitch and showcase their solutions to a panel of analyst judges.

DeepZen wins “Most Innovative Solution”

IDC said “DeepZen’s focus on audio/voice solutions proved timely in an age where podcasts and audiobooks are proliferating. DeepZen CTO Kerem Sozugecer outlined a growing problem where the recording of audio books was no longer scalable using a human voice. The company priced its offering similar to what a human-led narrator would charge and DeepZen was able to create a 10-hour audiobook in a few hours — a task that can take humans several weeks. This product could fundamentally shift the scalability of long-form audio content at a time when the audiobook and podcast markets are growing more quickly than the overall media and entertainment market”

In the start-up programmes of 


Rebecca Souster, CEO at Lume Books :

“We chose to be one of the first publishers to work with DeepZen because we recognise the huge potential growth and value in the audiobooks sector. The concept of emotive AI, which can help us produce high-quality products in a shorter timeframe, is hugely appealing in an industry with such tight margins. As a digital-first imprint, we believe that when technology advances, behaviour changes and we have a responsibility to our authors and our readers to meet that change. A book is a book is a book, regardless of the medium.”

Tom Chalmers, MD at Legend Times Group :

“At Legend Press, embracing technology and innovation is vital to our business strategy. It is our responsibility as a publisher to continually seek improvement and knowledge within the industry, to benefit readers and authors. Working with DeepZen has been an exciting development for our company and we look forward to collaborating further to bring greater choice and quality to the audiobooks market.”

Monty Alexander, Founder at Yokeru : 

“We were looking for a real time voice API solution which combined ease of use, speed, control and most importantly quality of voice output; we are a service business and we need our customers to have the best possible listening experience. DeepZen’s solution offered us everything we wanted; their approach to our partnership and the flexibility they have shown us in terms of developing the API for our needs was first rate. As a result we called thousands of people over the last couple of days using our phone system and identified hundreds of individuals needing assistance who otherwise would have gone unnoticed. DeepZen’s support is directly supporting the most vulnerable in our communities. ”


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