Deep Zen Limited (“DeepZen”, us”, our”, and we”) is committed to the ethical use of its technology and all other technologies it employs.

We monitor and understand the potential ethical issues that arise generally out of artificial intelligence technology, and specifically out of text-to-speech and related technologies. To that end, we are committed, without compromise, and without ifs or buts, to the following ethical principles:

  • We do and will always do everything in our power to develop and use our technology to be socially beneficial, socially responsible, free of bias, safe and privacy-compliant.
  • We do not and will not use or process the voice of celebrities or anyone else unless we have entered into a business relationship with them or their voice is freely usable by the public.
  • When we onboard customers, we require and will always require them to use voices to which they have unrestricted rights (g., consent of the voice actor).
  • We constantly monitor and will continue to monitor the use of our technology by customers and other third parties to be able to prevent any misuses as best as we can.

Deep Zen Limited

21 April 2020