Welcome to the VoiceMaker User Guide. This document is designed to guide you through the process of creating your own audio files.

Step 1

Click on VoiceMaker in the DeepZen app dashboard and you will be taken to the VoiceMaker tool.

Step 2

Create the title of your audio project. Choose a voice from the Voices dropdown menu. To listen to samples of our available voices, visit the voice library in the top menu bar. The Voice library will open in a new tab, once you’ve selected a voice, you must return to your previous browser tab in order to continue editing your project.

Step 3

Enter your text into the text box. As a first step, please read your text to ensure you have added commas where you would normally pause, if you were speaking the words. Please ensure you have created the final version of your text before you move to the next step as only minor edits to existing sentences will be possible after this stage. If you wish to add or remove sentences, it will be necessary to begin a new project. 

Step 4

Now you are ready to edit. If you would like to add emphasis to any words, or change the emotion of the text, hit edit in the top right hand corner of the text box. If you do not want to make any further edits, click the blue Synthesise button in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 5

If you find you want to change emphasis, pauses and emotion, click on edit in the top right hand corner of the text box.

Step 6

If you have clicked edit, you will find yourself in edit mode. Click on a sentence to bring up the editing settings. The editing panel will appear on the right hand side and the text panel on the left will be greyed out. This is where you can choose to add emphasis to a word, or shorten or lengthen pauses between words. You can also add emotion to the full sentence and adjust the length of pause after a sentence.

Step 7

To add emphasis to a word, click on the word you would like to emphasize and select Yes 

Step 8

To change the emotion of a sentence, select an emotion from the Emotion dropdown. To control the emotional intensity, select low, medium, or high from the Intensity dropdown. To change the pause after sentence length, choose from the Pause After Sentence dropdown. Edits will be indicated by the capital letter in the key at the top. As an example, pause will be indicated by (P).

Step 9

You do have the option to change the text, whilst using the editing panel. If you would like to, press edit next to the text, but be aware that this action needs to be completed before adjusting for emphasis, pause and emotion. If you change the text afterwards, your adjustments will not be saved.

Step 10

Once you have edited the text, click save and then you’re ready to move to Save and Close.

Step 11

Repeat for every sentence you wish to edit.

Step 12

Click the Synthesise button (which is located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen) to generate your completed audio.

Step 13

Your audio will appear underneath the text box in the Synthesis Results section; the most recent synthesis will appear at the top. Press play to listen, or press download.

Step 14

If, having heard the audio, you would like to edit it, click the down arrow to the right of download. The text you have synthesized will appear in a new window beneath. Click the blue edit button on the right, which will return you to the edit mode, where you can make your changes. Repeat from step 6 to follow edit instructions.