Developing partnerships with narrators and voice actors is central to DeepZen’s strategy.

As a responsible AI company, inclusion is central to our ethos, as is a commitment that all stakeholders are rewarded in the production process. As such, rather than creating generic voices, we’ve made a strategic decision to work with narrators and voiceover artists to licence their voices and remunerate them for every project where their voice is used.

We believe that it’s the richness and delivery of professional voice talent that really brings text to life and delivers true emotional impact; regardless of whether you’re listening to a 15-hour audiobook or a 30-second regional radio spot. That’s why we invest in our partnerships with voice professionals to create digital replicas of their voices for our platform.

If you’re a narrator or voice actor, DeepZen will work with you to clone your voice and then use it to produce audio content – without you having to spend hours in a studio. You receive fees and royalties every time your voice is used, so your voice can earn you money, even when you are doing something else.