Imagine the flexibility of producing your audiobook at a lower cost and in days rather than weeks, without compromising on the quality.

DeepZen’s digital voice technology can help you do all this and more. Our library of voices has been created using the services of professional narrators and actors, by creating digital replicas of their voices. Every narrator earns fees and royalties for their work with DeepZen.

  • Bring your audiobook to market much more quickly
  • Reduce the cost of creating audiobooks
  • Choose from a growing library of digital voices

  • At DeepZen we’ve built a system which facilitates a much quicker way to produce audiobooks by addressing the factors which have limited the growth of this format, such as cost and time of traditional production methods. Our next generation text to speech and natural language processing technology allows us to create long form content and narratives, that capture all the elements of the human voice, such as pacing, intonation and emotional quality, which render far more realistic speech patterns than other TTS technologies.

We offer a simplified production service that takes your manuscript and converts it into an audiobook. You still have the choice of different narrators but without the associated costs and time constraints of studio time, pick-ups and casting talent.

We partner with some of the world’s leading publishers, as well as independent publishers and authors, helping them to create audiobooks not previously available in this format.